Why PrestaStats

PrestaStats is an Office Partner of PrestaShopPrestaStats uses your data to creatively and graphically display the precise position of each of your key business areas.

Established to provide PrestaShop Merchants with a superior analytical tool, PrestaStats enables you to make more informed decisions about your business using data as current as your last transaction.


Profit with PrestaStatsPrestaStats was created to deliver your business critical information, using the latest frontend dashboard technology, for Merchants using PrestaShop 1.4, PrestaShop 1.5 and PrestaShop 1.6. So even if you are using an older PrestaShop store running PrestaShop 1.4 you can see a consolidated view of your data right now, and if you are using the lastest PrestaShop 1.6 you will benefit from our advanced Dashboard, consolidated Product Sales Data and Profitability Data.

The PrestaStats Grids provide you with super-fast filtering and sorting of relevant data, so that you control what you want to see and how it is displayed.

PrestaStats is a cloud based software as a service offering providing you with real-time access to ALL your transactions once you sign up. This means that historical comparisons can be made as soon as you sign up. This is unique, even the most popular Analytics tools transmit your data to their servers only from the time you sign up, PrestaStats does not work this way. PrestaStats delivers your mission critical sales data securely and in real-time from your PrestaShop store directly to your browser. WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CUSTOMER OR SALES DATA like other analytics tools on the market.

Our Mission

To help PrestaShop Merchants create more value from their business through better information delivered graphically and as a consequence drive more profit from their eCommerce store.


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