Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts is one of the most talked about applications for retailers. It is also the one most likely to be over automated.

When a cart is abandoned there is some fundamental information to be identified. Some questions you may want to ask are :-

  • “was this a new or an existing customer?”
  • “what was the value?”
  • “what items were in the cart?”
  • “did this customer place an identical or similar order afterwards?”
  • “how long afterwards ?”
  • “if it wasn’t an existing customer might it have been a competitor?”

Depending on the business you’re in and the nature of it, some or all of these questions may be relevant.

However once you know this information, and PrestaStats provides all of it, what next?

This is where over automation arises because automated responses from a system at this point may do more harm than good!

Customers can be offended by a one size fits all response. Offering discounts to retain the cart and continue to checkout may cause problems with clients who ordered properly and feel punished for that. The instances of abandoned carts may grow depending on what happens next.

PrestaStats provides all the information required on abandoned carts, to allow you to respond to your Customers’ in whatever way you feel is most appropriate for them.


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Take of Free Trial of PrestaStats