Product Performance Analysis

Pick a date range from a single day’s results or as far back as your store exists and see how each product has performed.

You can choose to see the unit sales, the revenue generated or the profit contribution.

In addition you may  produce the very same analysis for each of your product categories.

You can view the data displayed from top to bottom in a table, as a graphic, or both.

<Sample graphic appears here.>

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Why Product Performance Analysis

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    How to Use Dashboard

    Watch the video below to see the power of PrestaStats bringing your PrestaShop store’s Business Analytics to life.

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    Module Setup

    PrestaStats module can be installed in two different ways. It can be either downloaded from PrestaShop Addons Official Marketplace or, on PrestaShop versions 1.5 and PrestaShop 1.6 it is included...

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