What PrestaStats does for your business?

PrestaStats is packed with features which help you better understand how your PrestaShop is performing.

Get valuable, actionable business intelligence


Our easy-to-use Dashboard guides you intuitively to where you need to focus your attention so you can see at a glance what is happening within your store.
Access data on sales, site visits, conversions, customer acquisition rates, abandoned carts, revenue and profit. Identify your product and pricing strengths and weaknesses. Set Key Performance Indicators and compare your results with historical data so you can respond quickly to data trends.

Use interactive visuals to keep on top of your business with ease from any device, anywhere.

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Sales Data

PrestaStats provides valuable information on sales, orders and product performance in your PrestaShop store. 

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Clear and easy to understand charts enable you to see where sales are being made and where orders are coming from – allowing you to adjust stock levels and pricing strategies accordingly.

Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts can often leave retailers scratching their heads. Was this a new or an existing customer?

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Was this a new or an existing customer? What was the value? What items were in their cart? Did this customer place an identical or similar order afterwards? If so, how soon afterwards?

PrestaStats identifies the point at which your customers are abandoning their carts. It provides a breakdown of every journey through your sales website – by product, customer, country, and region. This allows you to identify the exact point at which you are failing to convert customers and make informed decisions on how best to win them back.


Trendlines helps you identify and capitalise on trends in your PrestaShop store.

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Which products or product lines are selling best, where are they selling and at what time of the year? PrestaStats lays out the product and sales data in easy-to-read charts and tables so that you can plan your stock levels and pricing accordingly in order to meet demand and maximise revenue and profits.

Real-time data

PrestaStats connects you to your PrestaShop Store fast and secure, no matter where you are. Welcome to real-time intelligence.

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Your data flows automatically and in real-time, which means you can see your transaction movements as they happen. You can review orders, sales, abandoned carts and all other data for today or any other day no matter where you are. All you need is a mobile device or computer.

Customer Insights

Customer data analysis is one of the most powerful insights that PrestaStats provides to PrestaShop store owners. 

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You get instant analysis on every customer from as far back as the day your store opened. Select a date range for a specific customer to see their profitability and ordering pattern. Gain insight into customer performance by region, language and gender. Use PrestaStats analytics on site visits to learn how your customers are interacting with your store and the conversion of orders to visits ratio.

Product Performance

PrestaStats provides a full and comprehensive breakdown of how each and every product in your PrestaShop store is performing.

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View your data by unit sales, price, revenue, or profit. Analyse individual products or entire product categories. Filter by date and identify trends by accessing data from as far back as your store has existed. Compare product performance by date, country or region. PrestaStats provides the product performance intelligence which allows you to identify and implement changes that will increase revenue and boost profits.

Safe and secure

Your data is safe with PrestaStats. Our Dashboard has bank-level encryption security.

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You choose who in your organisation has access to the information. PrestaStats is not an embedded service so developers don’t need to hand over access to your PrestaShop back office – all the information they need automatically flows to PrestaStats.

Export data

The clear and easy to use interactive charts and graphs on PrestaStats make exporting your data simple.

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Integrate them into spreadsheets, accounting software or emails to inform colleagues about how your PrestaShop is performing. Generate automatic daily, weekly or monthly reports detailing key aspects of your customer or product information. 

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