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Download PrestaStats now to access the data which really tells you what’s happening in your business. The module comes with an initial 90-day (3 month) subscription costing only €89.99. After the initial 90 days, the PrestaStats subscription will be €29.99/month

Why 90 days free subscription?


We reckon most people realise the value of PrestaStats much sooner than that – but 90 days gives those of you who are really busy enough time to get on board as well. And don’t worry, the 90 days only start when you register, not from when you download PrestaStats.

There’s no long contracts with PrestaStats. After the 90 days, we operate on a rolling monthly contract costing just €XX per month. What’s more, you’ll be entitled to automatic module updates for life* as long as your subscription is valid.


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